Animal Birthday Cards

There is no feeling greater in the world than looking at an animal and wondering “Is that animal really smiling at me? I’m sure it is!” What joy!

Who let the animals out? We did. Nothing makes you feel more special or loved than an animal smiling back at you. It's a universal thing, so these gorgeous, funny, meaningful, and utterly delightful cards are a great gift companion.

Feathered, furred, fluffy or flippered, this adorable range of animal birthday cards has something for everyone. The lovely thing about our designs is that they exist to bring joy – and what greater pleasure is there than seeing the delight on your loved ones' faces when they open the envelope to see the perfect expression smiling back at them!

The photographs featured on our cards evoke feelings of love and happiness – sentiments naturally shared between those who also appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nature's creatures. We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection!

Birthday cards for dog lovers

We all have someone who will run right past the whole family to pat a cute puppy, right? We have birthday cards featuring dogs and puppies of all different sizes and breeds that will delight them. Cards that will make them want to howl, rub that cute furry belly, and throw that ball.

Why not gift a dog lover an animal birthday card with a message from their furry friend? A tiny muddy paw print will make the day that little bit extra.

Birthday cards for cat lovers

Independent, creative, sensitive and strong-willed - does this sound like your cat-loving friend or their cat? Both, no doubt! We have cat-themed birthday cards for everyone, and there's sure to be one that the cat overlord approves of.

Sitting nice and upright on a table or shelf, they are perfect to be batted off with just the right touch.

The whole menagerie

Is your dad magnificent, like an old lion? Or a bit of a goat? Do you have a friend who is as cute as a quokka? Is there a lovely old chook in your circle of loved ones? We have animal birthday cards for all of them as well as meerkats, squirrels, emus, raccoons, and even a highland cow.

Whether you're buying a birthday card to resonate with a special someone or looking for a unique card to deliver your personal message, we've got the whole menagerie of birthday cards for animal lovers.

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