Beautiful Birthday Cards

There's nothing quite like the expression on a loved one's face when they open a beautiful birthday card. From stunning illustrations to gorgeous photographs and astonishing artwork, we have plenty of gorgeous birthday cards to choose from.

At Affirmations, we share uplifting messages of hope, love, inspiration, enlightenment, fun, discovery and positivity around the globe, and you can discover your ideal beautiful birthday cards on our website. We began our journey to creating cards that were creative, special, succinct and most importantly, positive in the messages they conveyed more than 30 years ago.  Our collection of beautiful cards include thoughtful, funny, inspiring, meaningful, naughty and romantic designs to warm the heart!

You can find beautiful birthday cards for men, women and children of all ages. We have a special assortment of unique vintage-inspired designs to modern contemporary designs with stunning photography and thought-provoking messages.

As special as it is to open a card with a meaningful message on your birthday, our products also enable you and your loved ones to enrich your spirit and add light to your world. Every beautiful happy birthday card is a unique creation, yet it helps you, your friend, parent or colleague to express all the emotions with sympathy, joy, love, humour, thanks and admiration.