Beautiful Birthday Cards

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know" - John Keats.

We are hardwired for beauty. Not only do we move naturally towards beautiful things, but the pleasure we take in perceiving beauty promotes good physical and mental health.

Here at Affirmations, we go out of our way to make sure what we do is beauty-ful. And it all started with greeting cards when our head designer Suzi decided to pair her beautiful calligraphy with heartwarming messages over thirty years ago. Today the tradition continues with the beautiful birthday cards below. They're the ones that make us feel warm, expansive and inspired; the ones that settle us down and remind us that beauty is everywhere if you remember to look.

Browse through the range, drink in the gorgeous imagery and illustration, and let the words of hope and love sink deep.

There's nothing quite like the expression on a loved one's face when they open a beautiful birthday card. They're feeling the magic of beauty, the light of your attention, and the warmth of your love. That's a gift in itself, regardless of what present the card accompanies.

We have plenty of gorgeous birthday cards, from stunning illustrations to beautiful photographs and astonishing artwork.

Our beautiful birthday cards online

Our 'spiritual but not religious' range of cards features stunning photographs paired with wise and inspiring words and a touch of gold. They're ideal for the person in your life who appreciates the natural world and timeless wisdom.

Sophisticated and soft

Our stunning new Wallpaper greeting cards collection features bespoke, sophisticated floral-inspired, lush compositions and soft colours. Inspired by centuries of elegant wallpaper designs, they include exquisite traditional patterns and large, bold contemporary designs. Perfect for every champagne celebration.

Quirky and whimsical

The beautiful watercolour art of Kate Knapp graces our Twigseeds range of cards. Designed to bring wonder and hope to people young and old, these are perennial favourites. They're quirky and whimsical and are artworks in themselves. These beautiful birthday cards will bring a smile of appreciation to your loved one's day.

Song lyrics are greeting card gold. There must be a million love songs with lyrics that would be beautiful on a card to your partner. Here are 22 to get your inspiration flowing...

You might be tempted to think that handwriting a card is like butter churning – a thing of a bygone era. But you'd be wrong – greeting cards are far from obsolete and are actually increasing in popularity.

What's the point of birthday cards? Are they a waste of money and time? Bad for the environment? Some people believe so. In a way, they're right…