9 Best diaries to start 2022 off the right way

Did you know that sales of paper diaries are rising, not falling? In the digital age where we are all dialled into our devices pretty much 24-hours a day, it's interesting to see diaries are making a comeback. In Australia, diaries are in the top 5% of gifts given at Christmas. In 2021 sales of paper diaries increased significantly. 

Be a trendsetter

Even though we live half our lives digitally these days, people are swinging back to the physical diary. Many of you mightn't have used a diary since school or university days. Perhaps when you first worked in an office. For a while, like a fax machine, they disappeared. But not only are they making a revival, but it's also a tidal wave that is now the trendy thing to do. 

If you haven't seen one for a while, you'll find them at work on a desk, on the kitchen bench or study at home. You'll find the smaller versions tucked neatly in someone's handbag. Walk into a bookstore or an online aisle, and you'll see them in all iterations. They come in all colours and shapes. From handcrafted to leatherbound, canvas-rolled to bulleted, blank; and made for every mission — toting up expenses, confessing, creating, doodling, and scheduling. 

Be organised

A diary will keep all of your engagements organised in one book, which you can carry with you to meetings or events to ensure you stay on top of everything. In addition, the physical act of handwriting can positively affect memory retention, so you're less likely to forget that meeting you had scheduled. You're also more likely to remember an important piece of feedback you noted in your diary whilst speaking to your manager.

With a diary open in front of you, fewer distractions are pulling you away (and down the virtual rabbit holes), so you're able to stay more mindful. There's also something deeply satisfying about being able to cross something off a list that goes way beyond the fleeting moment of clicking a checkbox on a screen. 

Choosing your diary

So, how should you choose from our list of the 9 best diaries to start 2022 off the right way? Well, do you need the inspiration to motivate you, or would a dark sense of humour help you through your day? Are you a creative who needs space for doodling, or are you all about concise to-do lists? Is tracking the moon important to you? Are you after a beautiful but small diary? Here's our list of mostly locally produced 2022 Australian diaries:

1. Twigseeds 2022 Diary

It's beautiful, bountiful, and makes everyone's world a happier, more organised place. The Twigseeds Diary has become a classic, a must-have for people of all ages. The 2022 version is no exception.

Make planning your life a joyous, organic adventure.

Put your stamp on the world as you twirl and gambol through birthdays, holidays and everyday experiences. Filled with Kate Knapp's blissful illustrations and supported by evocative, honest and quirky sayings, the 2022 edition is your perfect travelling companion for every single day of the year.

2. Affirmations 2022 Flower Diary

After selling out in 2021, the Affirmations Diary is back with two stunningly gorgeous new covers for 2022. Choose the cover with beautifully bright flowers and fill this gorgeous diary with handwritten notes, your intentions and hopes.

Make next year a year to celebrate you. The magical and organised you.

Includes a theme for each month, weekly affirmations and tips for leading a blessed and fulfilling life.

Life is for living. Live it gracefully with the Affirmations 2022 Flower Diary.

3. Affirmations 2022 Blue Diary

With exactly the same content inside, the choice in Affirmations diaries really just comes down to beautifully bright flowers or luscious calm tropical ferns. Or, double your excitement and get both. 2022 is a year to celebrate you. The thankful and productive you.

Fill this gorgeous diary with your dreams, memories and plans. Includes a theme for each month, weekly affirmations and tips for leading a blessed and fulfilling life.

Life is for living. Live it gratefully with the Affirmations 2022 Blue Diary.

4. Ruby Red Shoes 2022 Diary

Is there anything our Ruby can't do? She has travelled the world, hung out with royalty, learned to count and spell too. She's shown us her feelings, loved her Grandma and played with her chickens; all fun things to do.

In 2022 Ruby has bounced back with a brand-new diary that's heart-warmingly beautiful. Welcome Ruby back as you hop through the days, weeks and months of 2022 while being encouraged by Ruby's charming philosophies and Kate Knapp's dreamy illustrations.

This unique journal is the perfect place to record cherished moments, excellent adventures, hare-brained ideas and daily insights.

5. Mini Paperblanks diary from Vivid

Vivid in Bellingen is a small independent boutique stocking ethical and sustainable clothing, homewares and lifestyle products. Now in its 22nd year, Vivid is a delightful store with its beautiful atmosphere, caring customer service and impressive variety.

Vivid is one of our favourite local stores in Bellingen, and apart from our lovely products they also stock a range of these Paperblank diaries, which you can also buy through their online store.

Inside they are day to a page, with appointment times, and there's a big range of gorgeous covers. 

6. Custom made leather diary from Awl Leather

Just a few doors up from our head office in Bellingen is Awl Leather, whose artisans have been making and selling leather goods using time-honoured techniques since 1988.

They have built a far-ranging reputation for carefully crafted footwear and leather accessories with customers Australia wide and overseas.

They also create beautiful bespoke leather-bound diaries featuring an ever-changing variety of covers featuring dragons, unicorns, horses, roses, and so on.  

7. Moontime Diary 2022

This diary will help you understand how the moon affects you and also helps you to time your activities to get the best outcomes for your health, home and garden. 

Includes daily suggestions, for example, 2 February 2022 will be an excellent day to beautify your surroundings.

It also helps with timing and suggestions for super and blue moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices.

8. Defamations 2022 Diary

If you're mostly love-and-light but a little go *%^#  yourself, then you will love the Defamations 2022 Diary.

It's big, black and white with red bits. 

Weekly diary, monthly and yearly calendars and a ribbon marker for good measure. 

It's the perfect addition to coffee in the morning and a good old fashioned whine in the evening; it's the very defaming, demeaning, but delightful 2022 Defamations diary.

9. Collins Vanessa appointment diary

Look, we don't quite know why Nick, our Brand and Communications Manager, loves his Vanessa products, but he does. He swears it's nothing to do with the name! Maybe it's the double binding? Perhaps it's the subtle cream paper? In any event, this diary features two days to a page with appointment times in case that's the kind of efficiency you need. You can pick these up at your local newsagent.

PS: Mmmmm. Nick here. I'm a writer with handwriting that's almost unreadable. I also like the space to doodle and draw out ideas. I'm also happy that I can rip out a page with the binding and throw it away if it's not tidy or I don't understand what I wrote. Yes, I'm a Virgo.