You are here for a reason, so go ahead, be in your power and fly.



Awareness – Awaken Your Spirit guides you on an intimate journey of self-discovery that will consciously heighten your pathway to spirituality and mindfulness.



Let this book light your way on your spiritual journey to enlightenment.


Enlightenment - A Journey Through India

Let the wisdom of India's people and one of the world's oldest and richest cultures resonate and encourage you to reach an enlightened state of acceptance, patience and kindness.



Insight is filled with enlightened, logical advice that will have you walking with a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you spread genuine optimism and good vibes everywhere you go.


Take a Deep Breath

Focusing on personal growth and self awareness, life experiences and a life filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun.


Daily Blessings - Living a Thankful Life

Even the smallest of things can mean the most, and we all have those moments when we just ‘get’ the power of observation. Daily blessings is filled with insights and encouragement to fully live in a transformed and grateful place.


Your Higher Purpose - Living into Your Ambition

Life changing insights to support your discovery. What is your true path? How do you find it? My wish is that everyone who has a passion for personal transformation reads this little book, one that I will read again and again into the future.


Living in Joy - Living a Life of Delight

Filled with simple, gentle reminders and timeless principles to support a joyful life. Living in joy is highly recommended for those who have low moments and struggle with life change, planting the seeds to enable them to sprout when the time is right for


Loving Kindness

By focusing your inherent tenderness and loving energy towards others, as well as yourself, you can expect to experience the warmth of fulfilment, care and compassion.



Rumi's words will inspire you.



Every aspect of your life influences your state of being.



Wisdom offers you spiritual teachings that will become a source of strength that will open your heart and mind to a more peaceful, happy and present life.