Fun Birthday Cards

Have you had enough of ‘serious’ yet? It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but every smile is worth it. When you give your special someone a fun birthday card, you're giving them a little break in the weather, a ray of sunshine through the clouds. And sometimes, that's precisely what’s needed to reorient to the joys of life.

There are so many ways to pass along a smile. We have an extensive range of fun birthday cards worth exploring, from funny sayings to amusing animals, vintage graphics, modern graffiti, bold illustrations, vibrant colour palettes and hand-drawn typography!

Find one that matches their personality, and then handwrite a message from your heart so that the smile is delivered with a warm hug. We could all do with more of that, don't you think?

At Affirmations, you can live on the bright side of life with our radiant collection of playful, quirky, and alternatively scrumptious happy birthday cards. Wish your friends a happy birthday with a colourful card reflecting their unique personalities!

Birthday cards to make them smile

Our animal cards bring a smile to everyone! We've got all the party animals ready to bring joy to a special occasion, from puppies and kittens to quokkas, squirrels, and even crazy meerkats.

The Twigseeds characters lend a quirky charm to our fun birthday cards. Featuring hand-drawn watercolour illustrations, you'll be delighted by the antics of the feathered, finned and furry friends that inhabit the Twigseeds world. These cards have been designed by Australian artist Kate Knapp to bring joy and magic to your everyday life.

Colourful cards to brighten their day

We also have birthday cards by the brilliantly talented Jane Walsh in her Brightly Range. Filled to the brim with positively wonderful life, love, and celebration messages, these irresistible cards will delight people of all ages. Jane's bold illustrations are paired with a limited, strong colour palette and hand-drawn typography.

If you're looking for a grittier, street style birthday card, then look to our Urban Range by Ben Eckersley, an in-house Designer at Affirmations. Evoking the spirit and the heartbeat of streetscape art, these are an eclectic fusion of contemporary illustration, vintage graphics and modern graffiti.

Fun cards for everyone

Our fun birthday cards will bring a smile to the faces of those you love. We've got something for everyone, from vibrant and whimsical designs to delightfully tongue-in-cheek messages. We all know that finding the perfect card to celebrate a special occasion can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But with our range of fun birthday cards, it's easy as pie! So go ahead and pick up a few (or a dozen) for yourself and your friends - we promise you won't be disappointed!

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