New Greeting Cards

The Heartbeat of our Business

For over 3 decades, the humble greeting card has been the heartbeat of our business, the product that connects family and friends and keeps the written word alive. In a world of high-tech, environmentally unfriendly products, our simple, sustainable paper cards are as popular and compelling today as they have ever been.

Our creative sprites have been busy

Over the past few months, our design team has created an atmosphere filled with stunning images, living words, intricate designs, and a kaleidoscope of colours and fonts. It is these ingredients that our creative sprites carefully add into their mixers. The result? A series of unique greeting card ranges that speak of celebration, fun, happiness, kindness, family, friendship, love, and hope.

Introducing our new and unique greeting card ranges

We are thrilled to introduce you to our 2021 new greeting card ranges. Our purpose was to generate unique varieties. Greeting cards that, while from the Affirmations family tree, tell their story in a more eclectic, artistic, urban, colourful, brighter, and dynamic way.

The response has been incredible. So, without further ado, we'd like to welcome you to our new card collections: Wallpaper, Brightly, Urban, Brightly Mini, and Sweet Spot Mini.

New cards added to our best selling ranges

We are always adding to our existing ranges, so here are our latest greeting cards: