It is in giving that we receive

Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, lunch with your besties, the arrival of a newborn, acknowledgment of a job well done, the end of school or the start of someones working life, celebrations are the special occasions that bind us all. They give us the motivation to get together with the people we love. They provide us with a reason to give to show gratitude and happiness. The energy of a celebration is tremendous! Why not make it the predominant energy, choice and force that runs your life? It's is giving that we truly receive.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations - Small Format

Designed with exquisitely detailed art from Cate Edwards and meaningful affirmations and proverbs. Enjoy recording your loved one’s birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. Be sure to never miss all-important dates with this beautifully illustrated book


The Book of Love

The Book of Love honours the enduring power of love; it is a lifetime of cherished memories, a rich tapestry of resonant images and tender words that will fill your heart with joy.


DM01 - Friendship

A Tiny Message of Friendship. You are the world to me.


DM04 - Meow

A Tiny Message of Meow. You're Purr-fect.


DM05 - Hey!

A Tiny Message of Hey! You're the Best.


DM06 - Love

A Tiny Message of Love. You're paw-some.


K151 - Happy Birthday

Happy birthday. May your tea leaves be filled with good fortune, love and luck.