To the moon and back

The first time your heart feels love's first kiss, your life changes forever. Two hearts gently beating, ever entreating constant and true; innocent, pure, exhilarating and mysterious. It will leave you breathless. It will take you on a magical carpet ride that will define the tracks of your years, and in doing so, open the door to a life in which you are free to experience the pleasure of love; not just the presence of love.

Little Book of Big Love

Little is the new big. Big in heart. Big in wisdom and big in joyfulness. These gorgeous books take a quirky look at life through the eyes of rabbits, cats, dogs and horses. Featuring stunning photographs, our Little Books are the perfect gift for any occ


The Book of Love

The Book of Love honours the enduring power of love; it is a lifetime of cherished memories, a rich tapestry of resonant images and tender words that will fill your heart with joy.


Loving Kindness

By focusing your inherent tenderness and loving energy towards others, as well as yourself, you can expect to experience the warmth of fulfilment, care and compassion.


DM04 - Meow

A Tiny Message of Meow. You're Purr-fect.


DM06 - Love

A Tiny Message of Love. You're paw-some.


DPU - Puppy Love

Keep these colourful boxed gift sets on your desk or bedside table and discover a new quote each day. Be inspired by positive affirmations bought to you by the cutest, fluffiest and most adorable kittens and puppies.