You're always in my heart

Loss is a part of life and grieving for those we have lost plays a vital role in the recovery of the human spirit. Sympathy is compassion. It's grief; it's empathy; it's a deep-seated roller coaster of emotions tinged with sadness and regret. Sympathy is also a celebration of a life well-lived. While we never get over the loss of our friend, sister, mother, husband, grandmother and others that have been part of our lives. They exist forever in your broken heart that never quite heals, but if you remain in their glow, you come through. It's like having an old injury. It still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.


A calm and memorably penetrating gift book that tells two stories: one of understanding and the other of hope and inspiration.


R200 - Sympathy

Those we do not hold in our arms, we can always hold in our hearts.


R207 - Sympathy

Sympathy. Tenderly may time heal your sorrow. Softly may peace replace heartache.