Spiritual Birthday Cards

We have a broad range of cards inspired by spiritual traditions, from Christian to Buddhist. Our spiritual card range offers prayers and blessings together with beautiful photography and gorgeous designs by a variety of contemporary artists and designers.

Spiritual birthday cards are heartfelt greeting cards designed to lift us up and open us to the universal values underneath all spiritual traditions, like peace, joy, connection and unity. Like messengers of love, these cards help you bring happiness and gratitude to the birthday celebrations. 

Birthdays are all about sharing feelings with family members, loved ones or friends. Whether you're looking to send a spiritual birthday card to your childhood friend across the pond, or a family member closer to home, you can explore a wide variety of spiritual birthday card designs here at Affirmations. In doing so, you can deepen your connection to your friends and family and the natural forces around you with this beautiful range of spiritual greeting cards.

Whether your recipient believes in Buddhism or Christianity, Hinduism or Islam, Shintoism or Judaism, Sikhism or any other religion, these cards will warm your heart and make your friends feel important. Our selection is filled with examples of gorgeous artwork and designs, meaning you can send a card that's as unique as your loved one!