Twigseeds Birthday Cards

We’d all love our birthdays to transport us to a world of fantasy, filled with joy and delight every year, right? Not all years are equal, and some years are not fun at all, and sometimes little things like a handwritten birthday card can make all the difference in the world, especially if it's a Twigseeds birthday card. Twigseeds Cards focus on people just like you, who want something unique.

Blending inspirational images and words together to inspire people to follow their dreams, Twigseeds birthday cards appeal to both children and adults. Hatched in the Noosa, Australia in the studio of Kate Knapp and brought to life with her exquisite watercolours. Featuring a parade of lively characters, some with wide innocent eyes, quivering whiskers and wagging tails and others with cheeps, chirps and a flutter of wings. Every character will bounce into your heart.

Everyone loves them

There's a Twigseeds birthday card just waiting for you in our collection. Each card has a different flavour of heartfelt message ready to lift your loved one's spirits and make their birthday memorable and filled with delight. Do you wish they were as happy as a seagull with a french fry? Do you want them to expect wonderful things to happen? Maybe it's all about silliness and shenanigans? Or is your friendship like a cosy cup of tea?

Twigseeds is one of the world's best selling brands for birthday cards. With delightful illustrations on each card, give your loved one a birthday treat they can cherish forever. We feel incredibly blessed to share this collection of birthday cards with you, which we deliver across Australia, New Zealand and around the globe.

Getting to know Kate

You've incorporated cats into the Twigseeds birthday card menagerie. How are the birds handling their new friends?

“As you know, I am a dog lover, and my beloved Saffy (Saffron) was my muse in my formative years and still graces me with her presence in my work. Some crazy pyjama-wearing flower-bearing felines popped into my head recently and came to life on paper. But never fear; my feathered friends weren't too far behind. In an attempt to stay in the spotlight and keep me amused, they took up water sports - stand-up paddle, underwater snorkelling and the odd seaside meditation. So, don't you worry about our feathered flock - the cat has not got the cream yet.”

Local and sustainable

Designed and illustrated by Kate Knapp in Noosa, printed in Sydney, and dispatched from our Coffs Harbour warehouse, Twigseeds birthday cards are Australian from beginning to end.

They're printed using eco-friendly inks and FSC Certified Stock, meaning they are Forest Stewardship Council certified. The FSC certification provides the highest protection for rare and endangered forests and wildlife.

They are everyday works of art, so people will often keep them to brighten up any day, making their life extend beyond just receiving them as a birthday card. Frame them, post them on the fridge, use them in scrapbooking, add them to a journal, tuck them into a book for a surprise later. If they are ready to return to the earth, they can be recycled with your paper and cardboard.

You might be tempted to think that handwriting a card is like butter churning – a thing of a bygone era. But you'd be wrong – greeting cards are far from obsolete and are actually increasing in popularity.

What's the point of birthday cards? Are they a waste of money and time? Bad for the environment? Some people believe so. In a way, they're right…