Animal Books

At Affirmations, we aim to inspire and uplift your spirit, and how better to do that than enlist our animal friends? You'll find fun and poignant photos paired with insightful narratives and inspirational quotes in our delightful animal books. They never fail to bring a smile to your lips and a lightness to your heart.

We have a wide range of books for animal lovers below. Choose one to lift your friend's spirits; help your inner child believe again; or pop a cute page-turner into a greeting card for a unique gift surprise.

Books for Dog Lovers

Dogs have all the characteristics we all look for in a friend. They love unconditionally; they are loyal, caring, funny, enthusiastic and dependable. Dogs always wake up on the right side of the bed.

If you're looking for a big book full of joy, Barkology will take you on a happy journey filled with snuggles, wagging tails, licks, love and laughter. Flying Dogs will help you discover that your wings already exist - all you have to do is jump! Pupparazzi illustrates precisely why we cannot resist our pooch's puppy eyes. It is filled with positive quotations and heart-melting images of our favourite fur friends.

Books for Cat Lovers

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this. Elegant, intelligent, affectionate, curiously cool and fiercely independent, cats are a constant reminder that we are not the supreme beings.

The Great Catsby captures all of this with a beautiful collection of cats and kittens to captivate you. Catitude takes you on an amusing, thoughtful and delightfully quirky tale of independence, reminding you to stay paws-itive and furr-midable. The Power of Meows is a perceptive and intuitive book filled with the pure joy a cat can bring to everyday life. It offers a playful perspective and insight, with a dash of purr-fection.

Inspirational Animal Books

We have a whole range of mid-sized animal books with big-hearted messages of support. Be inspired by tigers, seals, meerkats, owls and more in little storybooks that you'll love to read again and again. Ideal for helping teach kids to believe in themselves. These books are also perfect for your inner child, reminding you that it's ok to be you, that anything is still possible, and you can unlock your inner calm.

"Today is a good day... to give what you can, find what you need, teach what you know, and create what you love. Every day there's a reason to smile. Make this your day, every day." - Make This Your Day

A Little Extra Gift Surprise

Our range of soft cover Little Books is perfect for tucking into a greeting card for an extra gift surprise. They're big in heart and big in wisdom; these little charmers take a quirky and wise look at life through the eyes of cats, dogs, koalas and even llamas. Featuring stunning photographs paired with inspirational messages and quotes.

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can bark it back to you when you have forgotten the woofs." - Little Book of Divine Dogs