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Have you ever had a brilliant creative idea as you are falling asleep? Are you looking to be more creative? To do more deep work? To have more time for things that matter? In the fast-paced hustle and bustle of today, more isn’t always better. To get new answers we need to do different things and reading books gives our busy brain the space for creativity and inspiration.

Creative imagination ought to be nurtured and enhanced with stories that help us feel more alive. Isn’t that what life is about? To live and feel alive? Are you looking for a book that will inspire you, challenge your perspective, uplift your spirit or deliver a moment of calm and focus? We have every title you could possibly need to relieve stress and take your mind on an adventure.

Affirmations’ books are positively inspirational, helping you on your road to self-care. Whether you’re looking to stimulate your mind, encourage positive thinking or absorb different perspectives to spark a moment of self-reflection, you’ll find a medley of books that will take pride of place on your bookshelf for many years to come, that visitors will walk past and spend a moment with, to share the joy of your interests, spark a conversation and make memories meaningful.

Your online bookshop in Australia: What should you read next?

If you are looking for a book that will help you change your life, be present with your emotions or dream of a future you desire, our online bookstore includes over 100 different reads to satisfy your needs. Discover profound words of wisdom, illuminating images, beautiful artwork, inspiring messages, good vibes and soul enlightening stories! When you intend to grow, the world becomes a brighter place. The words, images and stories you feed your mind with will impact the friends and family you love. Uplifting books are essential to a healthy culture. Buying books online in Australia has never been easier!

There’s a whole world beyond screen fatigue

In a world where screen fatigue is becoming all too common, clutching a hard copy of an uplifting book can help you reconnect to yourself, your purpose and what is most important in life. With every page turned, you can improve your focus, memory, empathy and communication skills. Everybody loves a good storyteller! You may also alleviate stress and provide some nurturing for your mental health. Reading allows you to learn from the experience of others, helping you succeed in your work and relationships.

An old quote can still teach new tricks

Connect with enlivening words from some of the greatest writers of all time. How is it possible to bring tears of joy by reading a 1000-year-old quote? It shows how timeless words are. Our history is made up of stories, you are creating the story of your life one day at a time. Which photographs, artwork, animals and people inspire you? What moves you to feel alive? Reading a book can change your life. The right quote at the right time can help you make the right decision. We trust that your intuition will guide you to choose the best book for you, your mum, dad, sister, brother or friend and that they will cherish the gift you have chosen for them.

Would you rather have a book you can finish quickly? Or one that is a delight to spend time with? Rumi didn’t write his poems overnight, it took him a lifetime of learning to fall in love with the world and to become the poet who could sit and say the words which have made it across centuries into books across the world. Perhaps spending a few extra moments contemplating the work of the words and how they move through your body could be what you’re after.

Letter writers and gift-givers are moment makers. Our kindness deserves to be remembered

Giving a great gift doesn't have to be difficult. A small and meaningful gift could become your friend’s most prized possession. Do you remember when you were a kid and you received your favourite animal toy? When you heard stories of people going on adventures? Big expensive gifts can be great, but when a small gift has the power to make someone feel alive, smile, and light up, the power of words becomes real. The power of your intuition for selecting the right thing for the right person has the reward of letting you both celebrate living life together. There is nothing more special than letting someone know they are special to you.

These last few years have been hard on friendships across the board. For one thing, lockdowns have curtailed our social lives leaving us lonelier than ever before. This has a surprising effect on...

Books to help you through lockdown are so important - they can take you to places you may never visit and give you an insider's look at the lives of people with who you will never cross paths.

Dan Maher has been in the business of publishing spiritual books, gifts and cards for more than 30 years. He's definitely read an inspiring book or two! We asked him for his three favourite spiritual books.