The Most Beautiful Tote Bags

At Affirmations, we're tote-ally devoted to you. We're also tote-ally dedicated to protecting the environment while sending love, hope, inspiration, and happy messages out into the universe.

The art world's most ubiquitous accessory has now been Affirmation-ised. They're beautifully made from 100% cotton and feature inspiring messages not just for you but for everyone you cross paths with as you go about your day.

Tote bags are the perfect all-rounder. Always ready to go when you are. Our bags are as engaging as they are functional. Keep one at home, another in the car, and the third literally in your pocket.

Enviro Tip 101: A reusable cotton tote bag creates 300 times less carbon expenditure to produce than a disposable, single-use plastic bag. Shop our beautiful collection today.

The Tote Bag You Always Wanted

There's nothing like a new tote bag to brighten up your day. With so many to choose from, why not choose one that gives a message of hope and inspiration?

A tote bag is a lovely way to present a gift. Rather than waste your money on gift wrap or gift bags that will go straight in the rubbish bin, place your presents in reusable tote bags. You're not adding something thoughtful to your gift; you're doing something great for the planet.

One Bag, Infinite Uses

If you're buying a tote bag online, seize the day and stock up on many different designs. You can have one for groceries, another for your lunch and a third for beach essentials. How about one for the gym, one for library books, another for your journal, sketch pad and pencils, how about taking one for those unexpected shopping excursions while travelling?

Donate some to your local library as a small act of philanthropy. Hang one prominently on a coat rack for a sweet burst of inspiration at your front door. Buy a couple for your workplace so that whoever is doing the snack run, can do it in style.

You can use a tote bag for anything and everything, even as a shopping bag, and what's excellent about reusable tote bags is that they provide a sturdy option for carrying more than just the usual items! If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to take all your groceries from the shops to your car, the Affirmations tote is for you, offering functionality, style and simplicity.