Wedding Cards

We like nothing better than a joyful celebration of love! Our wedding cards cover a range of styles, from sweet and quirky, to colourful and bright, to elegant.

Wedding card dos and don’ts

  • It’s such a special and public occasion; you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes. So, what’s ok and what’s not?
  • Do address the card to the couple as a pair. They will read it together, so don’t just address it to your friend.
  • Don’t put insider jokes on wedding cards. This card is for the couple, so don’t exclude either of them.
  • Do be sure to spell both names correctly.
  • Do be as heartfelt and authentic as you can. Your message will join with the others to help create a beautiful container of love for the ceremony.

Etiquette questions

Is it ok to send a card beforehand or should I bring it to the wedding? Either is fine. You’ll probably find a wedding card box on the gift table.

Can you put cash in a wedding card? Yes, it’s quite OK to put money in the card; in many cultures, money is the preferred gift.

Is it OK to give a gift card for a wedding? Yes. If the couple has a gift registry, then a gift card for that store will be delightfully received.

How much money should you give at a wedding? There’s no one answer, and it depends on your budget. If the couple has a gift registry, check the cost of the gifts. You’ll probably find that the average wedding gift costs around $100, so go from there. If you are close to the couple, give more.

How long do I have to send a card after the wedding? Traditionally you have a couple of months after the wedding to send wedding presents and cards.

What to do with wedding cards

It doesn’t seem right just to throw them away, but what can you do with all the wedding and engagement cards? They’re full of heartfelt messages, but to be honest, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reread them all. How about saving the ones you know you’ll look at later and then get creative with the rest. Here are a few ideas:


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