New Greeting Cards

The Heartbeat of our Business

For over 3 decades, the humble greeting card has been the heartbeat of our business, the product that connects family and friends and keeps the written word alive. In a world of high-tech, environmentally unfriendly products, our simple, sustainable paper cards are as popular and compelling today as they have ever been.

Our creative sprites have been busy

We have nearly 100 NEW cards including Twigseeds K cards and fresh Twigseeds Mini Cards as well as Affirmations Spiritual, Animal, and Monochrome cards.

Twigseeds K cards – creating quiet space for meaningful connection since 2005.

NEW best-selling Twigseeds greeting cards to acknowledge all of life's important moments. As the name Twigseeds suggests, we are all interwoven twigs of our community, stronger when woven together, and the small seeds we plant can grow forests. Thank you for being the twigs in our nest.

Twigseeds Mini cards

Show everyone you love that you care with a Twigseeds Mini Card, celebrating friendship, love and happiness. Delightful illustrations with sweet messages of love. The perfect addition to a thoughtful gift.
“Your cards and books are my favourite gift to give to special friends.” Alli, Australia

New Animal cards

Add light and love to your friend’s or family’s life. Everyone loves animals. Unconditional love at its finest. Nothing makes you feel more special or more loved than an animal smiling back at you. It’s a universal thing, which is why these gorgeous, funny, meaningful, and utterly delightful cards are a great gift companion.

New Spiritual cards

Some people are so special that once they enter your life, it becomes richer and fuller and more wonderful than you ever thought it could be. Deepen your connection with your friends and family and the natural forces around you with this beautiful, magical, and wise range of greeting cards.

New Monochrome cards

Featuring stunning images that reflect the spontaneity of life and living words that speak of kindness, loyalty and happy days to come, these enchanting cards are perfect for every occasion.