Greeting Cards

Not that long ago, we all thought that Greeting Cards might be going the way of the cassette tape and fax machine: a quaint old fashioned thing that you have to explain to the grandkids. Not so. Greeting Cards are not only making a comeback but have proved they're here to stay.

We've all realised the importance of human connection in recent times. We miss smiles when we can't see them, hugs when we can't have them, and a quick text is nothing compared to a heartfelt handwritten message. Your handwriting carries your energy in a way that nothing else can. It's a touchpoint that helps when you can't gather your loved ones into the warmth of your arms, and it's something you can tuck away for when you miss that special someone.

In this fast-paced, throw-away world, the things that are slow and long-lasting are being treasured more than ever before. And that, of course, includes Greeting Cards.

Greeting Cards online for all occasions

We started with Greeting Cards more than thirty years ago, and they are still the mainstay of our business. We love our work, sharing heartening messages of hope, love, inspiration, enlightenment, fun, discovery, and positivity. Our ever-growing collection of Greeting Cards has played a pivotal role in helping us develop a company we are proud of.

If you're looking for some whimsy and sweetness, look at our Twigseeds cards. If you're after a laugh, try our Animal cards. Our Spiritual cards will be perfect if it's a heartfelt message of beauty that you're aiming to deliver. For elegance, take a look at our larger-sized Wallpaper cards. Look at our Urban and Brightly ranges if you want a more contemporary card.

A Greeting Card Ritual

Think of it like this: you are encoding a packet of energy that your loved one can choose to keep with them forever. What part of you do you want them to keep? Your frenetic, last-minute scramble? Or your calm, wise, loving energy?

  1. Choose a card that encapsulates the energy that you want to convey. Perhaps some humour? Some wisdom? Something heartwarming?
  2. Clear a space, find your favourite pen, light some incense or a candle.
  3. Access your calm, wise centre. Use your breath to take you there if that works for you, or perhaps a stretch will connect you to the calmness of the earth's core or the sweetness of your higher self.
  4. Be vulnerable, be honest. Write from your authentic, fearless self. Tell them what they mean to you and what you hope for them. Tell them the words you would want them to keep in their hearts, regardless of life's ups and downs. Put your heart on your sleeve because the world needs all the love you have shining out boldly.
  5. Let it go. Pop it in the envelope, and send it on its way. Now forget about it. Let it be a gift of love, without strings to drag it down.
  6. Blow out the candle, close your space, and put away your pen for the next love mission.

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