Greeting Cards

Affirmations can help you find the perfect card for that special someone! We stock a huge range of inspiration, thanks, family and thinking of you cards for all occasions. Looking for cute cards that bring a tear to the eye, funny ones to bring out the giggles or thoughtful cards that strike a cord? You’ll discover a medley of greetings cards for everyone you love, direct from Affirmations, Australia’s vibrant, young-at-heart company which is passionate about positivity.

Greeting cards online for all occasions

Whether you're buying greeting cards online to send thoughts and prayers to a loved one, congratulate your best friend on their newborn baby or wish your loved one waves of love on their wedding day, we have greetings cards for every unique, special and momentous occasion.

When Affirmations began our story in 1988, we created a collection of creative, special, succinct and most importantly, positive cards in the messages conveyed. Our ever-growing collection of greeting cards has played a pivotal role in helping us develop a business we are proud of, sharing heartening messages of hope, love, inspiration, enlightenment, fun, discovery and positivity across the globe.