12 June 2022 

Are greeting cards necessary?

What's the point of birthday cards? Are they a waste of money and time? Bad for the environment? Some people, like this poster on Reddit, believe so:

"Firstly, the giver has to spend a few extra dollars for a piece of paper with words on it that they deep down know nobody cares about but gets anyways because it's common to do so in society.

The receiver then has to spend extra time to "read" the card and act like they care, when in reality, they will just throw it away after the person leaves or keep it with a collection of other useless cards because they would feel bad for throwing it away. Both parties lose. The gift is all that matters."

Posted by u/SSInsigne on r/unpopularopinion subreddit

In a way, they're right… If you've just picked up a random dollar card as you rush through the checkout, scribbled their name at the top and yours at the bottom. If they take a cursory glance at it and then put it in the bin. If that's the whole extent of how much you care about each other, then yes, the act of card giving is a waste of time. But perhaps so is the 'friendship' in that case, right?

A rare and delightful gift

In a world of quick text messages and Facebook birthday greetings, taking the time to push back against the hurried momentum of life to truly celebrate the person who has gifted you with their friendship is a rare and delightful gift in itself. And it's a gift that just might be treasured long after they forget what present you gave them.

Be that person who lifts people up

Fill your cards with messages intended to encourage, inspire or celebrate. Write the thoughts that really matter. Reach into your beautiful heart and write the words of kindness and gratitude that they will want to read again and again. Do this for all the special people in your life, and pretty soon, you'll be surrounded by people who have shoeboxes stuffed full of cards that make them feel fabulous. Why not be that person who lifts people up? It's so easy, really.

Creative ideas for repurposing cards

What about if the people around you haven't caught on yet, and keep giving you cards that aren't worth saving? Well, first of all, you need to up your own card game. Give them beautiful cards designed to inspire, and they might start doing the same. Send them links to inspiring cards online as a hint.

In the meantime, get creative and start repurposing your cards. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cut the front of the card into gift tags. Punch a hole, attach some ribbon, and you've got a beautiful mini card.
  • Make bunting. Cut triangles out of your cards, turn the top over, thread some string through, and then staple.
  • Give them a coating of modge podge and turn them into coasters.
  • Turn them into postcards.
  • Donate them to your local school for craft materials.

There are plenty more ideas online.

And what about when you have a box full of beautiful heartfelt cards? Don't just let them go mouldy in the back cupboard. You could:

  • Frame them - our gorgeous cards are artworks in themselves and look great on display.
  • Keep them in a giant glass jar and draw one out at random to enjoy the memories.
  • Tuck them into unexpected places around your home for lovely surprises.

But what about the environment?

Oh, and are greeting cards bad for the environment? Not if you buy them from us. We are an ethical, sustainable business. We use forest-friendly papers, eco-friendly inks and are a carbon neutral business. Everyone wins.