The Most Uplifting Stationery Online

Ah, fresh stationery. There's nothing quite like the sense of infinite potential in a brand new notebook or diary. It's a new beginning, and suddenly we feel like we can achieve anything; a clean slate ready to be filled with dreams, aspirations and plans. In this safe place, our ideas can hatch and develop their wings. Perhaps the start of our best-selling novel will spill onto the pages of a beautiful notebook.

Slow is beautiful and powerful

We thought stationery would be extinct by now, but it's come into its own in recent years. In a world where fast-paced, always-on communication is the norm, it's a radical act to switch it all off and write longhand into a beautiful notebook. It's real, tangible, and permanent in a way that emails and texts never will be. And there's just something about scribbling and doodling and writing by hand that inspires creativity.

An old fashioned calendar on the wall or fridge is a powerful way to hold attention. With our phones, information streams by at a rapid rate. Reminders come and go, and notifications ping all the time, so they are easier to ignore. A paper diary or calendar doesn't need recharging.

Online stationery store

We create gorgeous calendars and diaries that sell out quickly each year. You can usually find them available from around April, but sign up for our mailing list. We'll notify you when presales start.

Our everlasting calendars feature the beautiful artwork of Kate Knapp and Cate Edwards. These are perfect for remembering important dates.

We also have notebooks to inspire you and bookmarks with inspiring quotes to lighten your day.

Do you like Ruby Red Shoes, the Very Aware Hare? She is brightening the cover of notebooks and pocket notebooks in our range. We also have a delightful range of lined notebooks and pocket notebooks with the quirky and magical Twigseeds characters gracing the covers. You'll also find the sweet and whimsical Twigseeds and Ruby Red Shoes characters on bookmarks.

If you're looking for gorgeous photography rather than exquisite watercolour art, we have our animal and spiritual ranges of bookmarks which feature inspiring quotes alongside stunning imagery.

Something about stationery just makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it's the lovely designs or the feeling of pen on fresh paper, but whatever the reason, there's no denying that beautiful stationery is a pleasure to use.

Make your mark

Do you need some new stationery supplies for your next journaling session? Do you want a gorgeous new diary to inspire and organise you? Are you just looking for a fresh way to decorate your desk? We've got you covered.

A new diary or notebook is also a lovely gift, and you can't go wrong with a beautiful wall calendar. Maybe you're looking for a way to cheer up your co-worker, or you need a gift for your best friend? Whatever the purpose of your next purchase, with our range of beautiful and inspiring stationery, you'll be able to find a gift to brighten up your day.