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You are helping us support the following organisations through our donations and the resources we provide as part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Affirmations, we invest in happiness. It is our collateral, a bond shared with our staff, stakeholders, the community and our extended family, you! Going to work knowing our purpose is to make others happy inspires us.

The urge to love and be loved is one we are born with. From the moment we take our first breath, we are inextricably intertwined in a loving embrace that will last a lifetime. You see, love is a cyclical thing. It's family; it's friendship...

Affirmations vision is to guide with hope, enrich the spirit and add light to the world. A vision that all starts with kindness, respect and patience. For a month our little town of Bellingen was surrounded by fires. We have friends who were forced to..

In 1987 Dan and Suzi Maher were travelling around Australia and could not find a decent greeting card to send home. So, they decided to hand make some and post them back to friends and family. The response; "These are cards are lovely…

We stared into our crystal ball to predict what Affirmations products will be available for you this Christmas. The results are extremely positive.

We hope you're enjoying our updated website and the more intuitive, easier to navigate, upgraded search capability that allows you to explore by occasion, product and range. We have also renewed our online store, providing you with a simpler shopping.

In 2018 we've added to our greeting card ranges to ensure there's something unique for your customers to fall in love with, laugh at, get inspired by, celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, get comforted by or say thank you. We have a

It's been ten years since Twigseeds and Affirmations joined forces. The partnership has proved to be a match made in heaven... The Twigseeds Diary has become a cult classic. The delightful 2019 edition makes planning your life a joyful experience than

February is always super hot, and we're not just talking about the weather. The Sydney AGHA Gift Fair kicks off on February the 24th. For us, it's a chance to put our new products under the spotlight, and for you, an opportunity to pick and choose

2018 is the beginning of a new era, a chance for us to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future with unbridled passion and excitement. Affirmations are celebrating 30 years!

It's been ten years since Twigseeds and Affirmations joined forces. The partnership has proved to be a match made in heaven. We caught up with Kate Knapp for a quick chat about a decade of spreading the word.

In 2017 we'll be adding to the Affirmations card range when we introduce the True Collection. We'll get your thoughts on the designs in the next couple of weeks. In some truly exciting news Affirmations Publishing House is on its way to London to

What a fantastic six months it's been for our books. From the new cover designs for Sisters, Soul and Spirit to the soothing You, Me and the Sea. From the evocative 52 weeks - a journey of self-discovery to the three beautifully designed and crafted

We love creating gifts. It's the category that allows us to design and produce unique, positive, joyful and meaningful products at a price point that is reachable for everyone. All our gift ranges have stands that will ensure they're visible to yo