Love is Everything

Date Posted: 17 January 2020 

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The urge to love and be loved is one we are born with. From the moment we take our first breath, we are inextricably intertwined in a loving embrace that will last a lifetime. You see, love is a cyclical thing. It's family; it's friendship; it's passionate; it's a partnership that can last a lifetime. It's a feeling that is literally indescribable.

The first time your heart feels love's first kiss, your life changes forever. Two hearts gently beating, ever entreating constant and true; innocent, pure, exhilarating and mysterious. It will leave you breathless. It will take you on a magical carpet ride that will define the tracks of your years, and in doing so, open the door to a life in which you are free to experience the pleasure of love; not just the presence of love.

Love will take you to places you never dreamt possible; it connects with one's inner spirit rather than one's outer facade. Hundreds of songs have been written about endless love. Thousands will continue to do so. 

Love provides a connection like no other;  it's a place filled with warmth, intimacy and tenderness, and when you finally find your true love, it's like coming home, only to no home you have ever known. 

Love is the essence of life. It's the spine-tingling, mysterious force that unites people with all those close to them. 

Where there is love, we truly live. 


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