Thank You Cards Australia

The cutest thank you cards

There’s always a good reason to say thank you to someone. Maybe it’s a teacher, boss, or doctor who’s changed your life. Perhaps your kid’s soccer coach, the neighbour, or the vet nurse has gone out of their way to do something kind for you.

Maybe it’s the local barista who keeps you going every morning with a steaming mug of coffee.

You’re grateful and possibly already said thank you, but why not level up with a card? It is guaranteed to make them smile, and it will be there as a reminder for them when they also need a boost to get through a hard day.

A beautiful thank you card for someone special

At Affirmations, we thrive on putting smiles on our customers' faces. We have several ranges of greeting cards, offering different styles of thank you cards so you can find the right fit for the right person.

We have the adorable Twigseeds range featuring Kate Knapp’s quirky and delightful characters, a fun Animal range, an elegant Wallpaper set, our boho-inspired Spiritual range and the colourful Urban and Brightly ranges. We also have smaller-sized mini cards, perfect for gift-giving, and if you’re looking for a jumbo A4 card for a group message, we’ve got you covered too.

Looking for thank you card packs? Choose from any of our cards, and if you buy more than 10 you can take 20% off.

Gratitude is good for everyone

Having someone appreciate you and your efforts is a beautiful feeling. But you know what’s even better? Maintaining your attitude of gratitude. It lifts us and makes our hearts feel lighter. Studies even show that it has a strong positive impact on psychological well-being, self-esteem and depression. You see, gratitude is relational. It orients us towards connection, and we could all do with a little more of that, right?

Thank you card etiquette

You can send a thank you card any time the mood strikes you, of course, but there are also certain circumstances when sending a thank you card is the right thing to do:

  • After your wedding
  • After receiving a gift that you love
  • When you’ve stayed in someone’s home
  • For a teacher, at the end of the school year
  • To your boss when you leave a job
  • When your employee is leaving a job
  • After a baby shower
  • After a funeral

When you’re writing in the thank you card, make it personal by being specific and tailoring your tone to the person. Don’t send your best friend a generic text that you also sent to the catering assistant.

Do I have to send a thank you card for a thank you gift?

No, just pick up the phone and say thanks, and you’re welcome, so they know that you received the thank you gift. It has to stop somewhere!

How long do I have to write a thank you note?

If it’s after an event like a wedding, baby shower or funeral, you have up to two months to respond with thanks. If you’re sending a thank you for a one-off special something, then as soon as possible is best.

Are thank you cards meaningless and old fashioned?

Old fashioned, yes, but remember, the old ways are sometimes still the best. In this case, taking a couple of minutes to formalise your gratitude will only strengthen your relationship. It’s easy to think that gift-giving and thank you cards are empty gestures, devoid of real meaning, particularly when connected to a commercial event like Christmas or Valentine's Day.

That’s not the only way to look at it, though.

What if you saw it as a powerful and necessary relationship-strengthening ritual? Giving a gift, and receiving gratitude in return, is a way to keep relationships strong through critical moments of ending and beginning. It’s part of how we hold our loved ones while they go through a transition and how we keep our community circles strong and supportive.

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