Problem with your order?

Problem with your order? main image Problem with your order? image

Oh no! We hate it when things don't work out! 

We are very particular about maintaining the highest standards of quality across our merchandise. However, if goods arrive damaged, claims must be made within 7 days. 

Where's my order?

If you are wondering where your item is, please log into the website, click on My Account in the top left of the website, scroll down to the My Orders section, then click on the tracking button for the order in question.  

Something's not right with a product

If something has turned up damaged, or has shapeshifted into something you didn't order, please use our Resolution Centre - you will be prompted to log in first so that we can locate the exact order with the problem.

Something's not right with a price

If you were overcharged, or need to understand a transaction on your account, please also use our Resolution Centre to log in and let us know the details.


Go to Resolution Centre


For more unusual problems, please call our Customer Happiness team on 1800 222 254