Fridge Magnets

Featuring your favourite Twigseeds characters, these colourful, magnetic collectables will fill your heart with joy, help your soul sing and put a smile on your face. You'll be stuck on these beautifully designed and crafted magnets. Put them on your fridge or any magnetic surface as a daily reminder of the good things in life.

Our magnets are sturdier, thicker and more robust than most. Just like your friendships, right? They're not like those free magnets that barely stick to anything. They are here to last, and they have one goal in common: to make your day a little bit brighter.

Think about the last time you walked into your kitchen and were wowed by a fridge magnet; not just any fridge magnet, but one that made you smile and remember the good things in life. It might have been one of those days when everything felt a little more difficult than usual, and that small moment was all you needed to get through it.

That's where the quirky and delightful Twigseeds characters come into their own. They've been designed by artist Kate Knapp to spread cheerfulness and joy, comfort and connection.

Let's stick together.

Unique gifts can be hard to come by, especially when looking for something delightful. We can all relate to the cheeky seagulls praying for a fridge miracle or looking for happiness in the tub of ‘berry good’ ice cream. We also have magnets to bestow blessings, provide comfort, and inspire you to dream big and follow your own star.

So, whether you want to bring some love into someone else's life or brighten up your own day, our range has something for everyone, from the animal lover to the big dreamer.

One of our Twigseeds magnets is the perfect little gift for any occasion - think of it as an everlasting reminder of your connection.