Thinking Of You Cards | Affirmations

If you're thinking that the world has become an increasingly disconnected place, you're not alone. One in three people experienced loneliness last year, and that figure is on the rise.

Loneliness is hard to conquer, but it starts with someone reaching out and connecting, and that person can be you. Why not start a new habit of sending the people you care about a card every now and then? It's such a simple thing and it means so much to receive something real in the mail (it's even better than online shopping!)

When you need to send a thoughtful message, we're here to help. We've gathered some of the best ideas and tips for writing cards that express your feelings, without sounding like you're trying too hard.

Write a Lyrical Poem on Your Thinking of You Card

Poetry is a great way to express your feelings about someone. Why not write a poem if you’re looking for something more personal than a generic ‘Thinking of You’ card? You could write about how you feel about the person, or you could write about how they make you feel when they’re around.

You could also write a poem that expresses how much their life has meant to yours or what difference they've made in it.

Funny and Witty Thinking of You Messages

Funny and witty messages are great but they must be sincere. The key here is creativity. If you're looking for something funny, think about what would make you laugh if someone sent it to you. For example: "You're so funny that even a clown can't make you smile."

Be careful not to overdo it on the jokes; there's a fine line between hilarious and cheesy! Ask yourself if the message sounds like something someone would say in real life, and whether they would say it with sincerity or simply put it out there as an attempt at humour (which may come across as fake).

Make sure your recipient knows who is sending them this thoughtful message. This may seem obvious, but many people forget about this step when sending out cards or emails for birthdays, holidays and other occasions where celebrating the achievements of others comes into play (like weddings). Don't forget how much thought went into choosing the right card/message!

Messages to a Sick Friend

If you have a sick friend or loved one, sending them a card to let them know you are thinking of them can be very comforting. You may also want to send some good energy and thoughts their way. The following messages are great for sending when someone is sick:

  • “I thought about you today.”
  • “Wishing you a speedy recovery.”
  • “I am thinking of you and sending good energy your way.”
  • "Get well soon!"
  • "I hope you are feeling better soon."
  • "May your recovery be swift and complete."

When in doubt, send a Get Well Soon card. You can never go wrong with sending someone a Get Well Soon card because it lets them know they have your support during their time of need.

Messages to someone you haven't seen in awhile

“I hope you're doing well. I know it's been a long time since we've seen each other, but I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Please don't forget me while we're apart!”

“I really miss our friendship and catching up over coffee or lunch. Your company is always so welcome when I need to take a break from my busy life. You always know what to say to make me smile, which is why I value our friendship so much!”

Saying you're thinking of someone can be easy with these card ideas

Here are some examples of poems you can write for someone:

  • A funny poem that makes them laugh.
  • A poem about the weather and how it's affecting your mood, or even how it affects their mood (if they're sad, you could say something like "I'm so cold today" or "I'm melting in the rain").
  • A poem about food and your love for it, or even just an appreciation for their tasty cooking.
  • And finally: A humorous friendship poem! You don't need any special occasion to tell someone how much they mean to you—just send this kind of message whenever your thoughts turn towards them on their own accord.


Hopefully, these ideas have helped you think of creative ways to tell your friends and family that you're thinking of them. You don't have to spend much money on cards or postage when you can express yourself with a simple message or poem. And remember: no matter what kind of card you get, it's still the thought that counts!

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