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Kate Knapp ArtistKate Knapp


Kate Knapp is an Australian author and illustrator, who creates all her artwork by hand, using pencil, ink, watercolour ... and a bit of magic.

Her studio, Twigseeds, has given flight to a world of colourful characters, including the charming and much loved aware hare, Ruby Red Shoes. The Twigseeds band of furry and feathery friends has appeared in books, magazines, art prints, greeting cards, stationery, plush toys, and bed linen, Kate's characters are much loved by children and grown-ups alike.

"There's enormous freedom in being able to communicate through art. It is a gift to express my values and beliefs, as well as the many things I love and encounter in life through my art. I have a very talented and creative team behind me who share common values and dedication. I feel supported and nurtured by them and my wonderful customers. I am so blessed to be an Australian artist."

Cate Edwards ArtistCate Edwards


Cate lives in Dunsborough. Western Australia, and is specialising in the art of getting out of her own way, in order to be surprised at what turns up on the page. You can find Cate's beautiful illustrations on our books, little affirmations, and little books and see more of her work by following her on Instagram.

"Pick me! Pick me!’ my all knowing newborn self, shouted to the wand wielding fairies, when they were giving out gifts. For, after securing my loving father and my adventurous mother, my gift: to enjoy to make pictures and to frolic around with colour and shapes. Doing so, brings me much satisfaction and joy."

"I graduated from Sydney's City Art Institute, with a BA in 1984. Since then I've been working as an artist, illustrator and teacher, mostly using watercolour and ink on paper and acrylic on canvas. I like to start with a theme or an idea and then see where it takes me. It's like jumping aboard my very own magical mystery tour. Where it stops, nobody knows."

Jane Walsh Graphic DesignerJane Walsh


When Suzanne Maher from Affirmations approached Jane to create a range, she was tickled pink. A graphic designer by trade and a doodler by nature, as head designer for the Twigseeds brand, Jane has worked closely with the team at Affirmations for a decade. She knows her way around a greeting card.

Affirmations wanted something completely different to add to the line-up on offer to their wonderful customers. Jane's bold illustrations paired with a limited, strong colour palette and hand-drawn typography do just this. They are young, vibrant, and pack a visual punch — for the retailer and for the customer. In addition, the messages and sentiments are simple and will appeal to a broad range of consumers. Jane is delighted to present her Brightly Collection and be officially inducted into the Affirmations family.

Jane loves food — reading about it, talking about it, cooking it, and eating it. She also loves a good book, a cup of tea, and daydreaming. Follow Jane on Instagram to see more of her designs. 


Kris Franken AuthorKris Franken

spiritual author, teacher & guide

Kris Franken, from Byron Bay, Australia, is the former beauty and health editor for Real Living magazine and the creator of our Insight Packs, including the Light & Love oracle cards, the Joyful Abundance manifesting cards, and new Lightworker empowerment cards.

Kris believes in wildhearted words, soulful community, radical love & living on purpose. She empowers others to trust their deepest truth and let it guide, delight & replenish them in every moment.

"The golden thread I weave through my books, cards, meditations, poems, courses, programs, and everything else I create, is the powerfully creative force of Divine Love working through me.

I have a sacred penchant for words: written, spoken, whispered, felt, and thought. Words that are infused with love, light, and magic have a way of lifting people from their fear, doubt, and insecurities into a higher way of being."

Deborah GloverDeborah Glover

Creative Writer

Deborah is a freelance writer and artist working from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

In addition to contributing the words for our Earth Abundance and 52 Weeks inspirational books, Deborah also creates new, recycled and repurposed clothing pieces that are often hand-dyed with natural dyes.

Creative Writer, English Language examiner, fashion designer, natural dyer (metal nettle petal natural dyeing) and artist.