Discover Pocket Notebooks

Imagine sitting down to a brand new notebook. Fresh and clean, it's a blank slate ready to be filled with ideas, notes, doodles... or the beginning chapters of your latest bestseller.

We have notebooks and pocket notebooks just waiting to inspire you.

Do you like Ruby Red Shoes, the Very Aware Hare? She is brightening the cover of notebooks and pocket notebooks in our range. We also have a delightful range of lined notebooks and pocket notebooks with the quirky and magical Twigseeds characters gracing the covers.

No matter how you use it, a notebook is a great way to keep all of your ideas and thoughts in one place. Plus, they're convenient for when you need to write something down quickly. So whether you're looking for a new way to take notes in class or just want somewhere to store your thoughts, here are some of the best notebooks in the world - well, we think so anyway!

A magical writing routine

Perhaps one of our delightful notebooks will be the start of your new routine of writing morning pages. It's a process that helps you clear your mind, process emotion, silence your inner critic and unleash your creativity. Julia Cameron captured this writing technique in her book The Artist's Way.

It's a straightforward exercise. Grab your notebook and a pen and empty your thoughts in a stream of consciousness style for three full pages. If you can't think of anything to write, you write 'I can't think of anything to write.' repeatedly until something else spills out of your mind onto the paper.

It sounds simple, but it's actually a powerhouse of a technique for clearing the clutter out of your mind. You might fill notebook after notebook with drivel, but it doesn't matter. One of the 'rules' of morning pages is that you never go back and read them. This is a process, not a product. You might discover your wise, calm self pops in from time to time, but don't hold onto that either. Just keep on writing.

Create a legacy

We thought handwriting would be extinct by now, but it's become more valuable in a way. In a world where fast-paced always-on communication is the norm, it's a radical act to switch it all off and write longhand into a beautiful notebook. Imagine how much you would treasure finding an old journal of your grandmother's handwritten poems. Her long looping letters, the way she doodled in the corners. Now think about your grandchildren - will it be the same to stumble across a batch of your emails? Of course not.

Delight a friend

A new notebook is also a lovely gift. It's a better gift if you handwrite a message or poem on the front page. Or, sneak something onto a random page in the middle so that they remember how much you treasure their friendship when they stumble across that page.

Our adorable notebooks are companions in this hectic world with inspirational messages and space to download and doodle after a busy day!

Make your mark

Whether you're crafting an essay or just trying not to forget about all those meetings, notebooks provide the space needed to capture your thoughts. Whether it's goals or action plans, notebooks are ideal for enabling you to be organised and wise!

Doodle, draw, colour and more! Bring out your creative side with a pocket notebook made especially with fun at the heart.

Buying notebooks online in Australia has never been easier, so take a look today and find a design that'll brighten your day!