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Everybody loves a birthday. Whether you're ten or one hundred and ten, it's a chance to celebrate, to laugh, to be inspired, to blow out the candles and receive a present and a birthday greeting card. We have hundreds of funny, inspiring, meaningful, naughty birthday cards available for every age group. Indeed Affirmations' is more than a birthday card store— it's a safe, secure one-stop-shop for all your birthday gifts. You'll be positively inspired when you shop at Affirmations.

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There are plenty of online stores that offer birthday cards, but that's where we're different. An Affirmations' birthday card is created individually to ensure whatever style of birthday you're celebrating, you'll find it right here. We have birthday greeting cards that will make you smile, dance, sing, leap, laugh and cry. And because everyone is different, all our birthday cards offer a different perspective on life. We have greeting cards for every type of birthday party. Funny cards for your grandfather, sister, brother and mother. Inspiring cards that will make your girlfriends, boyfriends, grandma or your pen pals from a faraway land hearts beat with gratitude and heartfelt anticipation. We have happy birthday cards that will have you laughing, giggling even blushing. If you feel spiritual, sympathetic or have a friend who needs healing, you'll find a greeting card to suit the moment. 

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Want a question answered? Our customer happiness team is available to assist. If we can't answer the query immediately, we will get back as soon a possible. If a product is out of stock? You'll receive an email letting you know when it's available. At Affirmations, we are family, and that's what we consider all our customers. Corny? Yes, but it's a sentiment that has worked for 33 years. We love birthdays cards. It's what we do. We want you to be part of your birthday celebrations. Whether you giving the card or receiving the birthday card, we want you to smile. Nothing makes our Happiness Team happier than when your birthday present and birthday card is delivered on time.

Beautiful birthday cards online from Affirmations

Whether you're a granny, a nana, a nonna or a grandma. A pop, a cousin, a girlfriend or an auntie, we've got a birthday card for you. There are cards for dads and mums. Cards that will make your dog bark with pleasure and funny cards that will have your dad smile with delight.

Looking for something completely different, heartfelt, amusing or bemusing, you'll find it right here online at Affirmations. We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we've enjoyed having you here. At Affirmations, we're all about you.

All of our products, including greeting cards, are developed, designed and produced locally in Australia. Our Australian greeting card designers include Kate Knapp and Jane Walsh in Queensland and Cate Edwards in Western Australia.

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. Laughter is the best policy. Even the Dali Lama, who loves receiving birthday cards (an official lie or not), had this to say, "The purpose of our lives is to be happy."

So, you bought a birthday card. Your pen is poised, ready to write something fabulously wise or funny, and you go blank. It happens. Suddenly you're under pressure, and you go for the old "Happy Birthday, have a great day"!