Lifestyle Books

At Affirmations, we're determined to change the world, one reader at a time. We started over 30 years ago with inspiring quotes on greeting cards. Our love of beautiful places and spaces soon led us to pair gorgeous photography with words of wisdom, et voila, our lifestyle book range was born.

Our lifestyle books are lovingly designed to help you focus on forming good habits and good vibes, inspiring positive life changes which benefit your mental health and wellbeing. Every title you'll discover below is unique, offering a glimpse of what can be achieved when you make small life changes to reap the rewards. These are books you will want to keep and treasure.

The home of uplifting lifestyle books

Immersing yourself in a brilliant, beautiful and balanced book can open new doorways in your mind, offering you a whole new range of possibilities in your life. Expand your imagination, embrace something new and let your life evolve into the heart-centred experience you always wanted.

Pencil, Ink, Watercolour and Magic

Enter the enchanting and whimsical world of celebrated Australian artist Kate Knapp. Her delicate brush strokes bring a curious collection of colourful characters to life for your amusement and inspiration. These books throw light on some of life's dark dilemmas. Life isn't always clear and straightforward, cut and dried, open and shut, nor straight up and down.

There's something utterly endearing about the cast of Twigseeds characters who fill our perennial favourites, Pencil, Ink, Watercolour and Magic, and It's Not Always Black and White. Buy one as a gift for a friend and see if you can bear to give it away!

Making a difference

We can all make a difference if we act now. We have books that celebrate the incredible beauty of Mother Earth and gently illustrate that to continue to appreciate her natural gifts, we need to change our perspective.

Earth Abundance - A Gift From The Earth To You features the inspiring writing of Deborah Glover and takes you on a reflective journey to find out how you can contribute to a kinder and more sustainable world.

Eternity, Philosophy and Positivity

We've partnered with Australian artist Cate Edwards to bring you three exquisite books as companions on your life's journey. Designed to lift the spirit and enlighten the soul, these books feature carefully selected quotations paired with Cate's beautiful watercolour illustrations.

Eternity has words of encouragement and support to gently guide you through the challenges of grief and change. Philosophy offers comfort and grace. Positivity is designed to change how you imagine, act, engage and evolve. At their core, each of these books has a positive message of spiritual evolution and nurturing love as a force for spiritual growth.

Wellbeing is important

Fulfilment in life isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving. We have lifestyle books to take you each step of the way.

The Joy of Zen - Insightful Quotes on Creating a Simple Life has a collection of insightful quotations sourced from Zen Proverbs and Japanese Buddhists such as Dogen, Nichiren and more. Calm the mind, reduce internal stress and live a more contented life. Enhanced with unique, vintage illustrations, intricately painted by a gifted Japanese artist of the late 1880s.

Wellbeing - Be Good To Your Sacred Self is filled with reminders, prompts, and inspired thoughts from the world's great sages. This is a beautiful book to carry with you through life or give a message of optimism and hope to a friend who needs uplifting.