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True Blue, is it me and you. Is it Mum and Dad? Is it a cockatoo? With apologies to a great Australian classic and without sounding too Aussie for our own good, here in Australia, we have one of the world's most resilient and prosperous Greeting Cards markets in the world. In fact, Australia is the third-largest market for greeting cards per capita in the world. Surprised? A little, maybe! Statistics show that each person in Australia buys 22 cards a year from approximately 27,000 online and retail outlets.

Affirmations and our colleagues at many other homegrown brands have always battled with international companies for market share. While we don't mind the competition, we believe it's never been more important to stand up for Australian made and the Australian environment. If sharing positivity is our mission, sustainability has always been our mantra. We are passionate about creating an ecologically sound business.

One of the most critical issues we face as a business and country is consistently upgrading our business practices to guarantee we leave a small footprint. Being inspirational is not enough, which is why every day we practice and implement sustainable processes. To that end, we prefer to keep our business as local as possible, giving preference to Australian suppliers. Like you, we believe we are lucky to be Australian.

Cards Designed, Produced, and Printed in Australia

All of our products, including greeting cards, are developed, designed and produced locally in Australia. Our Australian greeting card designers include Kate Knapp and Jane Walsh in Queensland and Cate Edwards in Western Australia.

Our in-house design team, headed by Creative Director Suzanne Maher, work in the charming little rural town of Bellingen on the NSW mid-north coast. Our Customer Happiness team and production team is also based in our Bellingen head office, and our warehouse is nearby in Coffs Harbour.

We use an Australian printer for our Twigseeds, Animal, Urban, Brightly, Wallpaper, Sweet Spot, and Ruby Red Shoes card ranges. We also use Australian manufacturers for our display units.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find a local printer who can print our spiritual cards at a price that keeps them affordable for our customers. We have, however, investigated and visited our printer in China. They support their staff with schools, accommodation, events, training and community activities. We are confident in their adherence to anti-slavery principles and their sourcing of eco-friendly materials. We continue to look.

Positive Impact

We use Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) paper for all our greeting cards and paper products, and vegetable-based dyes and inks. Our business is going beyond just being carbon neutral towards being carbon negative because we are determined to be a force of good in the world. 

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