185 x 185 mm. 148 Pages. Hard cover with foil, emboss and a canvas spine

Love is the essence of life. It's the spine- tingling, mysterious force that unites people to those around them. Where there is love, we live fully. The Book of Love honours the enduring power of love; it is a lifetime of cherished memories, a rich tapestry of resonant images and tender words that will fill your heart with joy. We hope this collection will make you reminisce genuinely, smile, remember and above all, support you on your journey of love throughout your life. May your heart be filled with love.

These books are designed in our Affirmations Studio in Australia, and are printed on eco-friendly paper.


Book of love

By: on 24 January 2020
Such a lovely book, well designed and embossed, beautiful pictures and words, I sent one to a friend for their wedding and another to my mum to say I love you x thanks for your great products

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