At Affirmations, we're all about celebrating you and life's precious moments.
We guide with hope, enrich the spirit and add light to your world.

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I just love....

I just love all Affirmations products. You guys just really get it right! Beautiful art, quality production, fabulous images! Thanks!



I'm writing to say thank you for sending us the travelling card! We can't wait to pass it on to someone who needs it! Have a great day,

Allison NXP Glenorchy


You give us the uplifting words in every occasion that we often cant find ourselves, beautiful!


The Love Collection

What a lovely surprise. Beautiful quality, gorgeous messages, sustainable, and great value. You guys do it soooo well.

Carol Voesner

The Book of Love

Such a lovely book, well designed and embossed, beautiful pictures and words x thanks for your great products

Barbara Dooley


I just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful inspirational cards. The World can certainly do with your enriching & uplifting verses at this time. Many thanks,

Leonie Scott


Thank you for my lovely gift. I love your products; Little Affirmations would be a lovely gift for students. Thank you again.



I brought this box hoping for some clarity In my life,  and with each card and each day I’ve found nothing but amazing feelings from every card!


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This is a precious moment in time, to love, to share, to raise our vibration. I know the world has been a testing place of late. 2020 has been challenging staying positive in the face of what is happening in our world.

Let’s celebrate letter-writing. It will help all of us get through the uncertainty and the challenges beautifully. I grew up writing letters. As a child, there were thank you notes, of course, and pen pals in America and England and postcards to send when

Where is everyone? The warehouse team are still hard at it safely picking, packing and getting your orders out. The rest of us are at home, eating chocolates and playing with our jigsaw puzzles. Only joking, we're not playing with our jigsaw puzzles.

At Affirmations, we believe in giving back, in supporting the values that mean so much to us. We believe that unless you walk the walk, you can’t talk the talk. The following organisations have sustained the environment through good times and bad.

For more than 30 years, we have been sharing positive messages of love, happiness and gratitude all over the world. It’s our passion.

We are inspired to come to work each day knowing that our range of Affirmations, Twigseeds, and Ruby Red Shoes products will help people connect with their friends and family and spread love and kindness.

All of us know someone who could use a little motivation, friendship, congratulations or sympathy. Whether it’s a book, gift, diary, journal, birthday greeting card or another of our ecologically sustainable products, we’ve got something special for everyone.

Find the perfect gift today from one of our Australasian-wide team of stockists, or go to our online store and we’ll have your purchase winging its way to you within 24 hours.

At Affirmations, we’re all about celebrating you and life’s precious moments. We guide with hope, enrich the spirit and add light to your world.