5 Reasons We Still Buy Paper Calendars

These days, our phones have taken over from the ubiquitous Bic to become seemingly magical devices that we are joined to the hip by. Useful? Of course, they are. They connect us, keep us on track, and give us everything at our fingertips. But, unfortunately, with everything at our fingertips, our lives have been sped up to supersonic. Mobiles make us busier than we've ever been and less mindful, less attentive and unaware of everything outside the electronic cape we throw around us when we're all phoned up. That's why going slow, mindful old school is making a comeback. People seek a slower, more tactile life, the good old life that desk diaries, spiral, everlasting desk calendars and annual wall calendars provide. 

1: The mindfulness of paper calendars 

While the beeping, squeaking and baying of your mobile notification centre seem to be incessant. It becomes just more white noise that, in turn, becomes much easier to ignore. Notifications build up across all your platforms like stars in the night until you simply ignore them. And we all know how easy it is to get lured down the rabbit hole of social media and other games, only to wake up an hour later wondering where the afternoon went. 

Handwriting your essential tasks and events on a paper calendar is more effective because it's more grounded and mindful. You slow down, become present in the moment, and take the time to write it out. You also share it with your children. It becomes a family thing, a totem where you gather to check out the upcoming events.

2: The satisfaction of squares

There's also something very reassuring about putting all the events into their places. Filling in the squares on a calendar and delighting over the blank ones gives us a sense of organisation and control that can be missing in our digital lives. So give yourself an elephant stamp.

3: The magic of gold stars

There's nothing better than watching the gold stars line up on a calendar when you're trying to establish a new habit. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Then give yourself a star (or whatever symbol or colour or icon you're into) when you reach your writing goal every day. Are you planning a Dry July? There's nothing more motivating than ticking off those blank squares, one at a time, as you work towards the big star at the end of the month. Are you just trying to remember to drink more water? Mark it off on the calendar and be proud of yourself as you see your efforts accumulate into what you know is good for your body. 

4: The eagle-eye view

When you can see the whole of your day, week or month at a glance, you can grasp the sheer scale of what lies ahead and of what you've achieved. You can see straight up that you're behind in planning that special birthday or buying an anniversary present, or getting the kids to school. You'll even discover that you've already got too much happening in the middle of May. 

5: The fun of choosing a paper calendar 

Paper calendars can be beautiful and inspiring. They can be a statement of who you are and what you care about. Or they can make you smile every time you walk past them. I mean, how can you look at the Twigseeds 2022 calendar and not want to be involved in their beach adventure?