14 December 2022 

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Ruby is a best friend, a playmate, a special secret keeper and a great listener.

She's always there for you when you need her and she remembers everything!

Meeting the New Ruby

Unwrap Ruby with the local superfan Willow as she gets to meet the new Ruby Red Shoes.

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Three things you didn't know about Ruby

Take a guess at what Ruby's favourite vegetables are this week! Then, watch the video to see if you're right.

Ruby loves her garden

Ruby loves her garden. She spends much of her day there with her tweety bird friends who join in. Even her jazzy chickens help, although sometimes they make a big mess!

Rainy days are fun too

On rainy days Ruby has a Jigsaw she likes to do that shows all her beautiful vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and flowers (Jigsaw available in our shop).

Ruby delights in: planting seeds, watering the garden, calming the busy, buzzing bees, listening to the whispering trees, snacking on peas straight from the pod, singing sweet songs to everything that grows!

It takes time for things to grow, but it's worth the wait!





A New Outfit!

A cornflower blue dress and a chartreuse green scarf!

I wonder what kind of pink her cardigan is?

We're so excited

We're excited for the return of our favourite aware hare, and so is Ruby!

Pre-order your Ruby now.

Her new outfit features:

  • Chartreuse green scarf
  • Pink cardigan
  • Red buttons (of course)
  • Velvety red shoes (extra soft)
  • Cornflower blue dress (with her white cameo print!)





Breaking News!

Watch Willow, our star reporter, live in Bellingen with an important announcement.

The last time Ruby was in town, she didn't last long.

It's time to welcome back Miss Ruby Red Shoes

It's time to welcome Ruby back into your heart and home.

Let your friends know once you've ordered and we can have a Ruby party together.

If you've ordered your Ruby doll, share the news with your friends!

Use the hashtag #awarehare when you share on socials.








She's Back!

Have you been waiting for Ruby Red Shoes?

Here she is

So with her imminent arrival, best hop to it and sign up above to be the first in the know.

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Our First Winner

Here is our first spectacular winner, isn’t she adorable!

Here is what she wrote to us:

We have been a fan since Hildi was born (she is 10 months old).

Her very first book that I purchased “My Favourite Grandmother“ is read to her along with all your other books daily.

We love [Kate's] illustrations and the lovely story you tell.

Congratulations, we hope Ruby brings more joy to your family and friends' lives









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